is your single, best resource for improving your customer service, sales, telemarketing and negotiation capabilities

Whether you are building the fortunes of your professional practice or building your Fortune 1000 company, and Dr. Gary S. Goodman can assist you. We're here for you if you're seeking consultation or an internationally acclaimed customer service speaker, a dynamic sales speaker, or a highly credentialed, engaging best practices in negotiation speaker. We offer special seminars, custom conference programs, keynote speakers, convention breakout programs, customer service training, sales speakers, prospecting seminars, telemarketing training, front-line and supervisor coaching, sales management training, teleconferences, webinars, audio & video learning products, original articles, books, and licensed publications. We also offer a range of consulting and research services that include: customer service & sales outsourcing, employee and customer satisfaction surveys, service level monitoring, mystery shopping, unobtrusive measurement, benchmarking, and focus groups.

By teaming with us, you’ll be able to access uniquely effective protocols for improving customer service, sales, and telemarketing productivity, making customer transactions shorter, and more cost-effective. You’ll discover leading-edge ways to monitor, measure, and manage your service and sales functions, and overall customer satisfaction.

Our methods have been recognized as the "Best" of the "Best Practices in Customer Care." More important, our clients win prestigious industry awards, enabling them to reach and sustain positions of leadership and respect.

We also give customers new forums, including blogs, where they can Rant & Rave, praising excellent service providers while alerting us to those who fail to meet expectations. By doing so, we hope to improve customer satisfaction at large, while creating a significant feedback loop between businesses and those who are served by them.

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