Today, people that want to check you out will typically look you up at Google. And on the first page of search results, often in the first few entries, they will find dirt from sites such as Rip-Off Report and Yelp!

Or, they'll find nothing, and no one singing your praises.

Most prospects will conclude no-news-is-bad-news.

If they do uncover negatives they will think where there is smoke, there is fire.

They'll shun you.

Without enthusiastic testimonials, neutral and negative remarks stay on the Internet forever, do the greatest damage, weakening your business, ruining trust that you have built over years.

This injures your reputation and depletes your profits.

What can you do about it?

PLENTY. For every silent-but-satisfied customer or customer who has been disappointed, there are probably dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of earnest supporters whose positive regard has never been tapped.

Until now, they have had no legitimate, respected, authoritative online forum to post their praise for your efforts.

And businesses such as yours have had no site that they could use in their marketing. A site to which they could direct prospects and customers that would encourage them to buy. A site that would fill the void or counter the unfair criticisms that lurk at Yelp! and other business-bashing sites.

At we celebrate customer success, not failure.

Talk with us about how we can enhance your reputation while building your business and your profits.

Encourage your satisfied customers to post their praise here, enabling Google and other search engines to deliver good reasons for doing business with you. These comments will also reinforce and recommit your existing clients.

Contact me, today. We can post your successes right away, bringing you even more satisfied customers.

Dr. Gary S. Goodman
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