offers a spectrum of consulting and research services.

We conduct client and employee satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and other forms of marketing research. We also perform audits of service and sales quality and make specific, actionable recommendations for immediate improvement.

Additionally, we are available to provide guidance regarding the development of compensation and incentive programs to motivate your staff to achieve and to sustain peak performance.

For organizations that engage in extensive inbound or outbound customer contact by telephone, we customize our unique and widely implemented system of Telephone Effectiveness Assessment Measures (TEAMeasures*), as well as our Supervisor Effectiveness Assessment Measures (SEAMeasures*).

These tools help to define the best practices in customer care. Also, they provide fair and concrete ways to monitor and measure service quality and the performance of service providers and salespeople, as well as supervisory and management personnel.

To meet your specific needs, we also draw upon our extensive contacts to assemble teams of consulting experts to assist you.

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